Networked Quantum Information Technologies

NQIT (pronounced 'N-kit') stands for Networked Quantum Information Technologies. The NQIT Hub, part of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme, is led by the University of Oxford and involves 29 globally leading quantum centres and major companies, all working together to realise an entirely new technology sector.

The Hub's focus is on systems that can connect together to form flexible, scalable solutions for diverse applications. These powerful principles of flexibility and scalability have caused the network to become the single most important concept in modern information technology, with incalculable beneficial impacts on society. A quantum network inherits these features, but because each subsystem contains a quantum core, the overall network can achieve things that are effectively impossible with conventional technologies.

We have already built small systems that store and manipulate quantum states with exquisite accuracy and we have harnessed light to act as a near perfect information carrier. We will now bring these together to deliver a suite of networked quantum information technologies. These systems include new forms of computer designed to accelerate discoveries in science, engineering and medicine, as well distributed sensors and multi-party 'hacker proof' communication.

The Hub will foster the emerging quantum industry through not only our technology development, but also an international effort to define standards for compatibility between systems, and by training the next generation of quantum engineers and users.

A short video about the 4 UK National Quantum Technology Hubs can be viewed below.

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