Core Engineering Capabilities

We have been working on waveguides, which are similar to optical fibres, and allow small quantum information processing systems to be fabricated on a chip. We have built a facility that allows us to make ‘circuits’ from such waveguides. This facility is now up-and-running, and we are beginning to make test devices which will be tested as part of NQIT’s photonics work.

We have also been working on the design of the control system for the Q20:20 system, which involves close collaboration with the ion trap and photonics hardware groups within NQIT. Additionally, we are talking to industrial partners and companies who can make the electronics and software we need.

Standards are important and we are helping to write a standard that will allow different groups worldwide to use the same control hardware and software, and share resources. Standards (such as Wi-Fi) ultimately allow the cost of systems to be reduced, and ensure that components are available from multiple suppliers, and our work will help to obtain these advantages.