Hybrid Quantum/Classical Computing

This research area aims to develop computation models for the NQIT architecture and to develop applications which leverage limited quantum resources in hybrid quantum/classical systems to serve as demonstrators for the NQIT architecture.

At Oxford, we have developed an abstract architecture model for NQIT which will act as a translation platform between the hardware groups and application developers, with detailed noise models and error-correction schemes. Current work is on developing high-level diagrammatic notations for this architecture, based on “bialgebra mathematics”, which is both intuitive and allows for rigorous analysis.

Researchers at Edinburgh have been working on security and have made a preliminary result on secure multi-party computing with a passive adversary. We are now working on the full security proof as well as the effect that the NQIT architectures and imperfection might have on security. We are exploring the extension of a recent photonic implementation of a simple client-server protocol for classical computing to a multi-party setting with further functionality.