All-fiber multiplexed source of high-purity single photons

Robert J. A. Francis-Jones, Rowan A. Hoggarth, and Peter J. Mosley


Single-photon sources based on spontaneous photon-pair generation have enabled pioneering experiments in quantum physics. However, next-generation photonic quantum technologies require higher generation probabilities of photons in well-controlled pure states capable of high-visibility interference. We have harnessed bespoke fiber technology to develop virtually alignment-free sources that deliver high-purity heralded single photons in telecoms single-mode fiber. The resulting access to low-loss optical delay enabled us to actively route the heralded output from two almost identical sources to enhance the delivery probability of single photons relative to one individual source. Our results indicate how the scale of photonic quantum technologies might be increased via guided-wave multiplexing of high-purity photons.

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