High-Fidelity Quantum Logic Gates Using Trapped-Ion Hyperfine Qubits

C. J. Ballance, T. P. Harty, N. M. Linke, M. A. Sepiol, and D. M. Lucas

Physical Review Letters

We demonstrate laser-driven two-qubit and single-qubit logic gates with respective fidelities 99.9(1)% and 99.9934(3)%, significantly above the ≈99% minimum threshold level required for fault-tolerant quantum computation, using qubits stored in hyperfine ground states of calcium-43 ions held in a room-temperature trap. We study the speed-fidelity trade-off for the two-qubit gate, for gate times between 3.8  μs and 520  μs, and develop a theoretical error model which is consistent with the data and which allows us to identify the principal technical sources of infidelity.

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