Large radius of curvature micro-lenses on single crystal diamond for application in monolithic diamond Raman lasers

Hangyu Liu, Sean Reilly, Johannes Herrnsdorf, Enyuan Xie, Vasili G. Savitski, Alan J. Kemp, Erdan Gu, Martin D. Dawson

Diamond and Related Materials

The design and fabrication of large radii of curvature micro-lenses in single crystal chemical vapour deposition diamond is described. An optimised photoresist reflow process and low selectivity inductively coupled plasma etching are used to actualize a uniform array of micro-lenses with radii of curvature of 13 mm or more and a high quality surface of a root-mean-square roughness of 0.18 nm. The processes developed have the potential to achieve diamond micro-lenses with an even larger radius of curvature. These new diamond micro-lenses enable the pulse energy scalable monolithic diamond Raman laser where a large radius of curvature of the micro-lenses is critical.

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