Quantum Logic with Cavity Photons From Single Atoms

Annemarie Holleczek, Oliver Barter, Allison Rubenok, Jerome Dilley, Peter B. R. Nisbet-Jones, Gunnar Langfahl-Klabes, Graham D. Marshall, Chris Sparrow, Jeremy L. O’Brien, Konstantinos Poulios, Axel Kuhn, and Jonathan C. F. Matthews

Physical Review Letters

We demonstrate quantum logic using narrow linewidth photons that are produced with an a priori non-probabilistic scheme from a single 87Rb atom strongly coupled to a high-finesse cavity. We use a controlled-not gate integrated into a photonic chip to entangle these photons, and we observe nonclassical correlations between photon detection events separated by periods exceeding the travel time across the chip by 3 orders of magnitude. This enables quantum technology that will use the properties of both narrow-band single photon sources and integrated quantum photonics.

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