Tunable cavity coupling of the zero phonon line of a nitrogen-vacancy defect in diamond

S. Johnson, P. R. Dolan, T. Grange, A. A. P. Trichet, G. Hornecker, Y. C. Chen, L. Weng, G. M. Hughes, A. Auffèves, J. M. Smith

New Journal of Physics

We demonstrate the tunable enhancement of the zero phonon line of a single nitrogen-vacancy colour centre in diamond at cryogenic temperature. An open cavity fabricated using focused ion beam milling provides mode volumes as small as 1.24 μm3 (4.7 ${\lambda }^{3}$) and quality factor $Q\simeq 3000.\;$In situ tuning of the cavity resonance is achieved with piezoelectric actuators. At optimal coupling to a TEM00 cavity mode, the signal from individual zero phonon line transitions is enhanced by a factor of 6.25 and the overall emission rate of the NV centre is increased by 40% compared with that measured from the same centre in the absence of cavity field confinement. This result represents a step forward in the realisation of efficient spin-photon interfaces and scalable quantum computing using optically addressable solid state spin qubits.

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