PhD Studentship: Design and simulation of single-photon quantum devices

Application deadline
University of Southampton

This PhD project in the Computational Nonlinear Optics Group of the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) will investigate various options for single-photon quantum devices and is part of a £120 million national network to develop future quantum technologies. Quantum physics has been shown to offer unique capabilities for information processing and sensing. However, quantum states (photons, atoms, etc.) are also extremely susceptible to interaction with the environment and the main engineering challenge is thus to isolate quantum systems from background noise while simultaneously maintaining strong coupling between the quantum systems of interest.

Here we will focus on the theoretical and numerical investigation of devices for single or few photon processing and photon-atom interfacing. Specific project goals could include: (i) Efficient resonator-based photon-atom coupling; (ii) Single photon trapping and releasing on demand; (iii) Low-loss fibre gratings for photon gating; (iv) Single-photon wavelength conversion.

This project will be in close collaboration with experiments in the Planar Optical Materials Group and at partner groups in the nationwide quantum technology networks.

A fully funded PhD place on this project is available for UK applicants. Students from overseas who have secured external funding are also welcome to apply. Students with a background in physics and an interest in nonlinear and quantum optics would be a good fit to this exciting project area. An interest in theoretical and numerical modelling is essential for this project, and previous programming experience is beneficial. A visit to meet us is recommended and phone / Skype interviews are also possible if necessary.

Please contact Dr Peter Horak ( for further details.