The NQIT Hub, part of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme, working to realise an entirely new technology sector.
The NQIT (Networked Quantum Information Technologies) Hub, is part of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme.

It is led by the University of Oxford and involves 9 UK universities and over 30 companies all working together to develop a quantum computer demonstrator and, in the process, realise an entirely new technology sector.

The realisation of a practical quantum computer will be one of the biggest scientific and engineering achievements in this century. NQIT has the objective of building the core component of such a universal quantum computer. This machine, the Q20:20 engine, will bring together the most advanced quantum technological platforms and combine them into a 400-qubit device that will be at the heart of the first generation of a scalable quantum computer.

We have already built small systems that store and manipulate quantum states with record-breaking accuracy and we have harnessed light to act as a near perfect information carrier. We will now bring these together to deliver a suite of networked quantum information technologies.

These systems include new forms of computer designed to accelerate discoveries in science, engineering and medicine, as well distributed sensors and multi-party 'hacker proof' communication.

The NQIT Hub will foster the emerging quantum industry through not only our technology development, but also an international effort to define standards for compatibility between systems, and by training the next generation of quantum engineers and users.