Industrial Engagement

The aim of the NQIT User Engagement team is to ensure uptake of early spin-out technologies and to identify new opportunities for user-driven applications.

The User Engagement team is headed by NQIT’s co-director, Evert Geurtsen. Together with the Technology Associates who are scientists with extensive industrial experiences, the team identifies opportunities arising from the science in the Hub or from markets. They also advise on IP and commercialization process. The User Engagement team supports Users Projects to deliver the most promising options and seeks funding to pursue them.


NQIT has set aside substantial funding to support promising quantum technology projects that have early commercialisation potential.

We have divided our resource into 2 funding schemes:

  • User Projects (typically up to £125,000)
  • Partnership Projects (typically up to £125,000)

User projects are those which have immediate applications, while Partnership projects are those with a longer technology maturity timeline, but with substantial industrial interest.

If you are interested in applying, please see our Project Application pages.