Quantum Software Manifesto

Quantum software is recognized as one of the major enabling topics in the Strategic Research Agenda of the Flagship Initiative on Quantum Technologies. However, the writers and endorsers of this Manifesto feel that it is necessary to step up the efforts to optimally represent quantum software in the Flagship Initiative.

This Manifesto therefore calls for increased awareness of the importance and urgency of:

  • quantum software research,
  • an integrated approach to quantum hardware and software research and development,
  • collaboration between industry and academia to identify real-world problems that can benefit from small, imperfect quantum computers and demonstrate quantum computing applications, and
  • educating more quantum programmers.

Europe is ideally positioned to take on these challenges, as they play to the strengths of our world-class quantum software research groups. The Flagship Initiative on Quantum Technologies aims to place Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution and bring transformative advances to science, industry and society. Increased awareness of and support for all these aspects of quantum software will greatly increase our chances of achieving these ambitious goals.

Endorse the Quantum Software Manifesto.

Elham Kashefi, NQIT Associate Director for Applications, is an author on this report.

Quantum Software Manifesto

Download the Quantum Software Manifesto from the Qusoft website