Responsible Research & Innovation

NQIT has responded to the risks and uncertainties of quantum computing by committing to a programme of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

The quantum technologies developed through NQIT will have the potential to change our world profoundly. These changes may be hard to predict, as emerging technologies combine with existing technologies and markets in unexpected ways to lead to new possibilities in economics, society and culture.

Responsible Research and Innovation draws in a wide range of stakeholders throughout the research and innovation process, to promote science and innovation that is socially desirable and in the public interest. A key task will be to explore how this relates to quantum computing and related technologies.

The strategy for Responsible Research and Innovation in NQIT is based around a three-year programme, moving from a broad-ranging Landscape study based on a review of literature and qualitative interviews, through focused case studies on key issue areas, to produce a framework which will embed RRI in the future of NQIT and beyond. The Landscape study includes interviews with researchers across the project, and has produced new insights and analysis of the nature of quantum computing and likely impacts as well as considering how RRI can address the emergent outcomes.

Work in RRI across the Quantum Technology Hubs and within other areas of government is also underway, and this will be taken into account as it develops.

Reports and Downloads

We have produced a Landscape Report about Responsible Research and Innovation in Quantum Computing entitled "Thinking Ahead to a World with Quantum Computing".

To accompany the report, we have also produced a Policy Brief which summarises the key points and recommendations in the report.