Nu Quantum: Quantum Device Engineer

Application deadline
Cavendish Laboratory, West Cambridge site
Senior-level postdoctoral researcher equivalent


Nu Quantum is a young and dynamic high-tech company that specialises in modular hardware for Quantum Cybersecurity: a platform single-photon source array technology for use in Quantum Random Number Generators and Quantum Key Distribution.

Nu Quantum, a recent spin-out from the University of Cambridge with strong links to the Quantum Optical Materials and Systems Group of the Cavendish Laboratory, is looking for quantum device engineers with experience in optoelectronic device fabrication and processing with atomically thin two-dimensional materials.

This position is ideally suited for those who are about to finish their PhD or Postdoc, and are curious about industrial quantum technologies research and the cutting-edge spin-off environment.

You will have full access to the fabrication and characterisation facilities at the University, and enjoy a collaborative environment comprising academic and industrial researchers, geared towards rapid prototyping of novel heterostructures on the way to product development.

Length of Position: 12 months in the first instance with possibility to extend.
Salary: Senior-level postdoctoral researcher equivalent.
Start date: February 1st, 2019, but it is flexible.
Desirable Experience: 2d material processing, optoelectronic device fabrication, basic optoelectronic device characterisation, cleanroom operations, overall being technically astute and creative.

If you are interested in this position or would like to know more about Nu Quantum, please email