PhD position: Quantum sensors for fundamental physics

Application deadline
University of Warwick

Application deadline is January 31 for UK/EU students, January 18 for international students.

The University of Warwick is  looking  for  a  graduate  student  to  join  the  quantum  information  science group  of Animesh  Datta.  The  goals  of  this  theoretical project are to produce the design principles for quantum sensors that can tackle some of  the  most  fundamental  open  problems  in  physics.  Instances  include  the  direct detection  of  dark  matter,  testing  the  validity  of  quantum  mechanics  in  macroscopic systems, searching for time variation of fundamental constants, and the direct detection of gravitational waves from exotic sources. The principle underlying all of these quests is the precise sensing of physical observables such as exquisitely small forces, phases, displacements and temperature.

The  student  must  be  interested  in  a  close  interplay  of quantum  metrology,  quantum information science, quantum optics, and quantum mechanics.

See for details of the project and application instructions.