PhD Studentship: Optimising diamond-based nodes for quantum networks

Application deadline
Department of Materials, University of Oxford

An NQIT EPSRC DTP Studentship is available working in the Photonic Nanomaterials Group in the Department of Materials, University of Oxford, supervised by Professor Jason Smith.

This project will involve coupling diamond colour centres in single crystal membranes into optical microcavities to build efficient interfaces between coherent spin states and an optical network.

Our apparatus is now at the stage where we have demonstrated the first cavity-enhanced photon emission from a zero phonon line of a nitrogen vacancy centre in a diamond membrane. Further work is required to improve the quality of the colour centres in the membranes. The project will involve investigation of NV centres in membranes of different crystal orientations and using different material growth conditions.

Please contact Professor Jason Smith for more information.

To apply, please visit the Department of Materials Postgraduate Admissions website.