National Quantum Technologies Programme examined by UK Parliament Committee

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Professor Ian Walmsley, Professor Winfried Hensinger and Professor Kai Bongs gave oral and written evidence to the UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee on 17 July, along with other academics and representatives from the quantum technologies industry. The Committee’s focus is on the next phase of the National Quantum Technologies Programme, and what is needed to support the UK’s quantum industry going forward.

This is analogous to a moonshot: a once in a lifetime opportunity to put UK right at the forefront  -  NQIT Director Professor Ian Walmsley in his evidence to the committee.

The committee were interested in understanding the current thinking on the potential gains from quantum technologies and to learn more about the applications being developed, as well as the overall societal impact of these technologies. The committee also asked about timescales and whether the government is providing sufficient support. On the focus of the next phase the committee asked about the proposed innovation centres in relation to the hubs and whether this framework will deliver the next phase. Discussion also looked at how to ensure that the manufacturing and engineering capability stays in the UK, along with the necessary skills base.

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Photo credit: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

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