NQIT at the National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2017

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NQIT had a major presence at last week's National Quantum Technologies Showcase at the QEII Centre in London, with 12 of the 60 exhibits in the Exhibition Hall. This one-day event highlighted the latest technology developments from the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, with exhibits from academia and industry and collaborations between the two.

Our exhibits covered application sectors such as Healthcare Technology, Communications, Transport and Finance, as well as Responsible Innovation in Quantum Technologies.

NQIT's exhibits were:

  • Competitive advantages with Quantum Computing for Route Monkey, an SME providing optimisation software for transport and energy sectors
  • Diamonds for your Heart
  • Catching the Flu - Virus trapping and analysis using optical microcavities
  • Precision manufacturing for the Quantum economy: photonics, lasers and systems.
  • Wireless power transfer through the wall of a vacuum chamber for driving miniaturised ion trap quantum computers
  • Live tune-up of a quantum logic gate
  • ORCA - a practical and noiseless quantum memory
  • Coherent Optical Interconnects
  • Highly Efficient Ion-Light Interfaces for Quantum Computing and Quantum Communication
  • Quantum Random Number generation
  • Sussex microwave trapped ion quantum computer prototype
  • Responsible Innovation in Quantum Technologies

There were also several breakout sessions where NQIT academics and industry partners spoke about the benefits of collaboration and their vision of the future of quantum technologies. We heard from several exciting new quantum startup companies, including Oxford Quantum Circuits, a new spinout led by Dr Peter Leek in Oxford.

The Showcase was a great opportunity to demonstrate our technology development and to meet new industry and government partners.

If you are interested in finding out more about our work or our exhibits at the Showcase, please get in touch: engage@nqit.ox.ac.uk

All photos credit: Dan Tsantilis / EPSRC

Looking at photonic chips
Ion-Light Interfaces for Quantum Computing
Engaging with visitors at the NQIT Stand
NQIT Hub Co-Director, Prof Dominic O'Brien
Peter Leek speaking about Oxford Quantum Circuits
Amy Hughes holding a model of an ion trap vacuum system