NQIT Annual Report 2017

We are pleased to announce our second Annual Report, marking the halfway point through NQIT’s five-year programme, and covering the progress made in our second year of the project, up to the beginning of 2017.

The first two years have seen the consortium focus its efforts towards refining the overall system architecture
and design to deliver the Q20:20 quantum computer demonstrator. We have made significant advances in
both system and engineering design, and identified the most effective components for assembling the system.
We have achieved significant benchmarks in the underpinning core technologies, reaching new performance levels in trapped ion logic gates and quantum photonic networks, as well as delivering new quantum science in diamond defects and superconducting circuits.

The User Engagement programme has implemented a robust process for the allocation of our £3.4m Partnership Resource; we have supported 14 industrial partnership projects with these funds, four of which
are now complete and more are in the pipeline. Eleven new companies and one new academic
partner are now part of the NQIT programme.

As NQIT Director, Professor Ian Walmsley says in his Foreword:

"Overall, we are confident that the Hub is now well established, has made excellent progress towards its strategic objectives, achieved key early milestones and built an effective team focused on the critical technologies for the Q20:20 quantum computer demonstrator."

NQIT Annual Report 2017