Technical Roadmap for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing

As the quantum computing field is gaining momentum, a small quantum computer with 10 - 200 qubits is on the horizon. 

Industrialists have expressed a demand for a technical roadmap which explains the complex concepts of fault-tolerant quantum computing for a broad audience, and to identify the potential applications for a small quantum computer.

Applications from quantum chemistry, quantum assisted computing, secret sharing and machine learning are described in this technical roadmap. Where possible, we have indicated the number of qubits needed for small quantum computer applications. It is our intention to provide an impartial and accurate presentation of the fault-tolerant quantum computing technology, its developments and the potential applications for a small quantum computer.

We hope that this technical report will be helpful to those who want to understand, engage, develop, manufacture or invest in this technology.

NQIT Technical Roadmap