NQIT Annual Report 2018

We are pleased to present our latest NQIT Annual Report, covering progress in the third year of the NQIT Programme.

As NQIT Director Professor Ian Walmsley explains in his Foreword:

The third year of NQIT has been an important transition year, embedding new applications programmes as well as a software emulator, and working with the other UK Quantum Technology Hubs to deliver improved public and industry engagement. NQIT continues to lead the UK’s efforts in quantum computing and simulation, achieving key milestones in the development of hardware and software that will deliver core capabilities in these disruptive technologies by harnessing expertise across the UK and partnerships across the world.

The key objectives of NQIT are to:

  • Demonstrate a scalable quantum computing architecture based on ion qubits and photonic networks
  • Advance promising emerging and enabling quantum information processing technologies 
  • Seed and develop the commercialisation of these technologies through engagement with industry and investors through training, collaboration and knowledge transfer
  • Engage with the wider public and community

And our recent achievements include:

NQIT Year Three Achievements

This year's Annual Report cover features the award-winning photo of a single atom in an ion trap by graduate student David Nadlinger.

NQIT Annual Report 2018