Secure Network Applications

This work package is concerned with secure communications and computation over networks, and protecting against potentially malicious parties.

Tasks of this flavour include quantum key distribution for communication that is secure against any eavesdropper; blind quantum computing, where a client contracts a server to perform some quantum computation for them, without allowing them to learn the desired computation, or the input; other functions useful for cryptography, such as efficient and certifiable quantum random number generation, numbers that by their very nature can never be predicted.

We have also developed a series of new protocols covering randomness certification (even with untrusted devices), a fast quantum key distribution using the colour and arrival time of light, and distributed quantum computing. In particular, we have developed new protocols for secure multi-party computation and verifiable blind quantum computing where not all of the devices can be trusted. We are currently pursuing new ways to make these applications for networked quantum computing more practical for the flagship NQIT machine.