Quantum/Classical Emulation and Interfacing

This research area focuses on mathematical and software tools to allow end users to effectively determine and predict the capabilities of the NQIT architecture, and eventually form a programming interface for the NQIT machine.

Both the development of hardware and the development of compilers have historically evolved in tandem. Researchers at the Computer Science department in Oxford are collaborating with their counterparts in our Architecture work package, to identify how best to use the limited resources within the individual modules. This will ultimately determine the “machine code” of the computational platform. By matching the compiler tools closely to the machine language, we can attempt to get the greatest benefit from the quantum computing resources available.

In the near term, the available quantum computing technology will be limited. To better engage with the eventual users of quantum computing technology, we also plan to develop a software emulator, which can act as an alternative back-end for the compiler. This will facilitate bridge-building with industrial partners, who can begin to explore the possibilities quantum computation may have for them.