Prof Dominic O'Brien

Co-Director (Systems Engineering), Work Package 9 - Capabilities and support
University of Oxford
Work package
Work Package 9 - Capabilities and support
Dominic O'Brien

Dominic O’Brien has two decades of experience in photonic systems integration, including system design, integration process development, custom IC development and control system development, resulting in world-leading optical wireless system performance. He has worked extensively with international academic and industrial partners such as France Telecom, APSIDE, BT and Samsung, funded by EPSRC and the EU. He has ~180 publications in this area and 8 patents granted or in progress. Evidence of his ability to engineer laboratory demonstrators into reliable performance for commercial communications is found in recent collaborations with Samsung (wireless beyond 100Gbit/s) and with EADS (unmanned aerial vehicles). He also made significant contributions to the early stages of the creation of a standard for visible light communications within the IEEE (now the IEEE802.15.7 standard).