Quantum Readiness Programme

The UK Quantum Readiness Programme (QRP) is a first-of-its-kind initiative jointly delivered by technical specialists from NQIT and Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC).

The programme has been specifically designed to present organisations and companies in the UK with the opportunities quantum computing and associated technologies may bring. The programme comprises a series of seminars and detailed tech talks. We have developed seven tech talks:

  • What is quantum computing and why it matters.
  • An introduction to quantum algorithms.
  • Security and encryption in the quantum era.
  • Quantum computers today and what we can achieve with current devices.
  • Applications – how quantum computing will revolutionise simulation and modelling, optimisation and data processing.
  • Quantum AI and machine learning and how quantum computers may shape and influence their evolution
  • The emerging UK quantum computing sector and the global quantum computing landscape.

You can find out more about this free programme, by downloading our brochure and contacting the QRP team: qrp@cambridgequantum.com

QRP brochure