Strain engineering of the silicon-vacancy center in diamond

Srujan Meesala, Young-Ik Sohn, Benjamin Pingault, Linbo Shao, Haig A. Atikian, Jeffrey Holzgrafe, Mustafa Gündoğan, Camille Stavrakas, Alp Sipahigil, Cleaven Chia, Ruffin Evans, Michael J. Burek, Mian Zhang, Lue Wu, Jose L. Pacheco, John Abraham, Edward Bielejec, Mikhail D. Lukin, Mete Atature, and Marko Lončar

Physical Review B

We control the electronic structure of the silicon-vacancy (SiV) color-center in diamond by changing its static strain environment with a nano-electro-mechanical system. This allows deterministic and local tuning of SiV optical and spin transition frequencies over a wide range, an essential step towards multiqubit networks. In the process, we infer the strain Hamiltonian of the SiV revealing large strain susceptibilities of order 1 PHz/strain for the electronic orbital states. We identify regimes where the spin-orbit interaction results in a large strain susceptibility of order 100 THz/strain for spin transitions, and propose an experiment where the SiV spin is strongly coupled to a nanomechanical resonator.

NQIT Author