Dr Animesh Datta

Work Package 6 Leader - Networked quantum sensors
University of Warwick
Work package
Work Package 6 - Networked quantum sensors
Animesh Datta

Being the fundamental law of nature, quantum mechanics determines the performance of all physical processes. These include typical information processing tasks such as computation, communication, sensing, and simulation. My interest lies in the limits that quantum mechanics sets on information processing, and the unique advantages that it enables in such tasks. I have also been interested in quantifying the resources that are necessary for quantum enhancements, as well as designing protocols that exhibit tangible quantum advantages in realistic scenarios. These have spanned the fields of quantum sensing, imaging, communication, computation, and verification.

I am also interested in studying noisy processes where quantum principles may play a crucial role, such as energy transport in light harvesting complexes. The motivation is two-fold : to study the robustness of quantum correlations in noisy scenarios, and exploit this understanding in designing systems that show quantum advantages in the real world . The quantum information science group I lead has similar motivations and interests.