Prof Dieter Jaksch

Work Package 7 Leader - Quantum digital simulation
University of Oxford
Work package
Work Package 7 - Quantum Enabled Discovery
Dieter Jaksch

Our research focuses on Quantum Optics, Ultra-cold physics such as optical lattices, Bose-Einstein condensation, and applications to Quantum Information Processing. My research is currently focused on the theoretical study of strongly correlated quantum systems which are periodically driven and far away from equilibrium. These unusual physical states can for instance be created in the laboratory by shining laser light onto an ultra-cold ensemble of neutral atoms. The coherence times of these atoms are sufficiently long for purely quantum many-body phenomena to become visible in the experiments. New insights of fundamental importance into the nature of quantum physics and in particular the properties and structure of entanglement can be investigated in these experiments. Another option to study quantum states far from equilibrium is to excite condensed matter (e.g. specially designed organic salts) using THz radiation on an ultra-fast time scale. In this situation quantum evolution becomes visible at room temperature, albeit at much shorter time scales. Effects observed in such experiments may enhance future technology by exploiting quantum dynamical processes. Harnessing quantum devices as a resource for “supercharging” requires 5PY for classical algorithms to study quantum materials and dynamics in strongly correlated ultracold matter; a digital quantum simulator for density functional theory simulations will also be developed.