Prof Marina Jirotka

Responsible Innovation
University of Oxford
Marina Jirotka

If successful, the quantum technologies developed though NQIT have the potential to profoundly change our world. These changes may be hard to predict as new quantum technologies are likely to combine in unexpected ways with existing technologies and markets to produce new forms of economics, society and culture. Moreover, it is typical for emerging technologies to have ambivalent potentials and quantum technologies are unlikely to be exempt from this rule. NQIT has responded to these risks and uncertainties by committing to a programme of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to help ensure its outcomes are both socially desirable and socially acceptable. The RRI research work, led by Prof Marina Jirotka, will build capacity within NQIT to meet these challenges. A key task will be to initiate a multi-stakeholder dialogue that explores the potentials of quantum and seeks solutions towards socially beneficial implementations. This will entail assessing possible futures with publics, thinking through regulatory frameworks with policy makers, reflecting on processes and outcomes with scientists, and anticipating likely impacts with business. The User Forum has a significant role to play in this dialogue. During this event, Philip Inglesant, the RRI RA, will be available to discuss NQIT’s emerging RRI strategy and to elicit your views across this range of topics.