Prof Mete Atature

Elected Fellow of the Turkish National Science Academy and of the Institute of Physics
University of Cambridge
Work package
Work Package 4 - Solid state node engineering
Mete Atature

Mete Atatüre is a co-founder of the Atomic, Mesoscopic and Optical Physics (AMOP) Group of the Cavendish Laboratory. His group’s research interests and expertise are within the scope of solid-state based quantum science and technologies with particular focus on quantum network subsystem development and diamond-based nanoscale quantum sensors. Highlights from his research group include demonstrating first single-shot optical readout of spin qubits, enhancing the nanodiamond NV sensors sensitivity by 10-fold and constructing a hybrid photonic network between trapped ion and solid-state spin quantum nodes.

Within the NQIT Hub his group is working towards diamond-based nodes for quantum networks based on silicon-vacancy colour centres.