The Frontier of Computing - Quantum Technology Documentary

A Snapshot into the Revolutionary World of Quantum Computing and the People at it's Frontier

Winfried Hensinger is a professor at the University of Sussex and a physicist bent on creating a quantum computer, a device that he believes will change the world as we know it. From a very early age, Dr. Hensinger was fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos and understanding the impossibly strange nature of quantum mechanics. Devoting much of his life to utilizing the strange nature of physics to solve the world’s problems, this short documentary follows him on his current venture to create a large-scale quantum computer. Using the expository mode of documentary, our film educates its audience about the processes of the quantum computer, while also exploring the relationship between the computer and the man who created it. The documentary briefly takes the viewer behind the curtains, illustrating the mysteries of the quantum computer and revealing the influences in Dr. Hensinger’s life that have positioned him where he is today.