Quantum - from Schroedinger’s Science to New Technology

This is the the public lecture from September 28 2015 by Prof Sir Peter Knight FRS entitled "Quantum - from Schroedinger's Science to New Technology". This talk was part of the 3-day Quantum UK 2015 conference held in Oxford that week.

Sir Peter's talk begins by considering how quantum technologies have changed society - from the first quantum revolution in the 1920s, which brought us transistors and lasers, to the current ongoing second quantum revolution, brought about by exploitation of coherent superposition of quantum states. This is generating new technologies from GPS to atomic clocks to secure communications. Sir Peter looks at other potential applications of quantum technology, including timestamping of microtrades in financial markets and quantum computers.

His lecture, and indeed the Quantum UK conference, celebrates the UK Government's £270m investment in this emerging disruptive technology. He ends the talk with his predictions for the future of quantum technologies.